Trader’s room can be equipped with a web trader or VPS functionality. 

The trader clicks on one of the Trading Accounts

a pop-up appears

he/she should enter his/her password in order to gain access

Inside of this browser, a shared screen of a small VPS where the MT4 is already running will be shown. The trader, by coming here, can simply place a new trade. This functionality can be used in two ways:

One is a simple Webtrader, where the trader is trading from behind a corporate firewall or from a place where the latency is too big. They can log in here, place a few trades and when they close the window, the entire VPS will shut down.

Another way of using this function is a VPS. With a VPS, the actual virtual machine never gets shut down and the traders get access to brokers or other traders providing EAs; so that when they log in an EA and decide to close the window, the EA will keep working even if they shut down their computer.