Educational Webinars 

Webinars are online classrooms. A Presenter can share his or her computer screen, voice, and documents with one or more Attendees.

Many brokerages rely on their IBs to introduce and educate Traders. 

In many cases the Introducing agents are on a 24 hour / day duty of making and answering calls, often across multiple time zones or even countries.

Webinars aim to provide tools to both Brokers & IBs to communicate with clients directly, and even in a classroom setting, without paying long distance fees and not being limited by just voice.

Both Brokers and IBs can create webinars.

Webinars created by a Broker can be attended by all Traders, IBs, Money Managers, Investors, or any other system users.

Webinars created by an IB can only be attended by the Traders introduced by that IB. 


1) Go to the Webinars page:

2) Press the button “Create New Webinar”:

3) The following window will open, please fill in the fields and press the “Create” button:


4) A message that confirms successful Webinar creation will appear; now you can invite guests to your Webinar by selecting the “Invite” button from the dropdown menu from the right:


5) Please choose who you want to invite:


6) Press the button “Invite”:

7)   A pop-up window will open, here you can edit the text for invitation email that will be sent to the people that you invited. Please press the button “Invite”:


8) You will see the following message when invites are sent:

9) When you want to join the Webinar, go to the dropdown menu on the right and choose “Join as Moderator/ Attendee”:

10) The following Webinar room will open when “Join as Moderator/ Attendee” is pressed: