With Promo Materials, the Trader or the IB will be able to refer other Traders. There are several referral methods, which you can see here: 

A simple referral URL (“My Referral URL”): this is the most common method.
For example, the IB will be able to send this URL to a friend via Skype or email. If this friend clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to the “Live Account Registration Form”.
Note: the IB account number is at the end of the link that he/she shares so that we track the forms redirected from this IB and then link his/her friend automatically under his IB account.

A simple code can be inserted into the IB blog page. The visitors who click on this banner will be referred to the brokerage website registration form. The IB number will still be tracked.

An embeddable form. If the IB has his/her own blog or website, he/she will be able to include it. He/she will have the possibility to select the design of the form, and will be able to place it on his/her website or blog, thanks to a simple registration code.

An API Interface can also be provided to the IBs that will allow them to code their own registration forms. 

Banners can be created to make it easy to refer other Traders.

All the traders and visitors to the blog will get a chance to open an account directly on the IB’s website while the actual account gets opened on your trading platform.