This page allows the Transfer of the funds between the User accounts. There are 3 fields that allow you to customize your transfer:

  • From
  • Amount for transfer
  • To

From- in this field choose one of the available accounts, from where the funds will be transfer

Amount for transfer-  fill this field with the amount to transfer. 

To- in this field choose the Account you want to transfer funds to. 

It is possible to transfer funds from, e.g. Trading account in USD to a Trading account in EUR. The trading platform uses the API from to provide the current exchange rates. It is possible to markup the exchange rate. 

The default behavior is to check if there are any trades open on the account the funds are withdrawn from. If there are open trades in the FROM account the trader can withdraw up to 50% of the free margin. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.
In the case of transferring funds from the Investor account, the task is created for the Broker to approve it. The funds get transferred when the Broker approves the transfer AND there is enough free margin (or all positions are closed) on the Money Manager account.

This form is used also to transfer the funds from the Trading account to the Investor account. Effectively those funds will transfer to MAM. 

When all the fields are filled correctly, please tick that you Agree on Terms & Conditions and click the Confirm button.