Once the trader has made a few trades, the Trader’s Room will allow him to review his/her trade history.

Considering that he/she has either a single account or multiple accounts, he/she will be able to select which account he/she wants to review, select the date range, and see the history of trades.

The trade history is presented as follows:

1) “Order”, 2) “Open Time” & “Close Time”, 3) “Type”, 4) “Size”, 5) “Symbol”: the currencies of the trade, 6) “Open Price” & “Close price”: opening and closing prices of the trade, 7) “S/L”: stop loss, 8) “T/P”: take profit, 9) “Commission”: amount paid in commissions, 10) “Swap”, and 11) “Profit”: how much the trader earned or lost on the corresponding transaction.

The date range search bar allows one to search and find open or closed trades within a chosen time frame. 

*Deposits and Withdrawals have a distinct look.