Kenmore Design strives to achieve the highest level of security. In order to do so we take a layered approach. 

All of the internal code is reviewed by several people before it gets commited to any applicaton. 

We do our best to avoid handling of any financial data (e.g.: Credit Card data is never stored on our side, we do not hold any balances, instead using the Trading Platform to handle finances)

Kenmore Design never opens any code to any third parties, which makes it harder to penetrate. 

We use SSL/HTTPS, industry-standard encryption to route traffic. The database servers only have transactional data on them, and it’s only accessible through an API. All information (e.g. full name, date of birth) is encrypted. 

Finally, all infrustructure is protected by a firewall and incrementally backed up on a daily basis. 

The general strategy behind the security measures is to make Trader's Room more complicated to breach than the Trading Platform. Since there will always be more Trading Platform users then Trader's Room users, the chance of fraudsters gong after the Trader's Room will be significantly lower.