The IB can use their Promo materials to refer other Traders and IBs. 

On top of the page, the IB can see the dropdown where they can choose the Ib Account they want to use to receive the commission. Please notice that the Referral Url changes with the IB Account #. Referral URLs lead people who click to Live or Demo signup pages.

The referral Url can be shared in a few ways: Copy URL to the clipboard, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and Telegram. Al that needs to be enabled by the Admin in the Promo Materials Management Module. 

Below the referral Url fields, the User may have the Additional Promo Materials (if enabled in Admin Interface).

  • Banner - they can be shared by using multiple ways (Copy URL to the clipboard, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and Telegram). The main difference from the Referral URL is that the Banner will load as an image in the Social Media post and it does not have to lead to the Signup Page. It could link to any page on Broker's website (e.g. blog post), and yet the tracking cookies will be processed when the visitor makes their way to the sign up page eventually. 
  • Embeddable forms - used by IBs that have their own website or blog. They embed YOUR account registration form on THEIR website or blog.

The default view for IB Promo Materials Page only includes Referral URLs, and allows for Banners / Embed Forms from Admin Interface