When someone opens an account, once referred to the broker, the IBs will be able to review their traders by going to “My traders & Commissions”.

The system supportsseveral IB accounts, and while it can be restricted, it can also be very useful, for example if there are different currencies.

The IBs will be able to review the list of people they have referred, with their MT4 number,  the current balance and account, the commission collected to date. This way the IBs know how much money they make from all the referrals.

“My IBs”

When the trader clicks on the tab “my IB’s”, the page “My IB’s and Commissions” opens.

This part of the Trader’s room allows the trader to choose the account wanted and have not only a list of his/her IBs corresponding to this account, but also their MT4 number, their current balance and the commissions.