Displays all the rebate-related information, including a convenient drop-down showing all the levels that the commission was assigned at.


The heart of the system, here you configure your rebate structure based on your business requirements and plans. You are able to setup a multi-level reward system that will payout in either POINTS (PIPS), CASH or PERCENT (of the lot traded).


Mechanics are as follows:

- A trader (TR) has a set agent account (IB). The TR and IB are in different groups, in order for the system to work.
- You select the IB group and the corresponding TR group/s (Shift + Arrow down for multiple select) followed by the respective Security/Symbol system.


To edit these, please click "Enable Edit". After editing, click "Disable Edit". Changes are saved on the fly, but can take a few seconds to kick-in, especially with large structures, so please give it a few seconds in between entering or updating values, in this section.

Following the group/symbol selection above, you can setup as many levels to your rebate structure as you wish. Normally it's rare to come across a structure that's deeper than 5 levels (meaning that a trader clicked on an IB's registration link when they registered with the brokerage [LEVEL 1], and in turn that IB once in the past also clicked on another IB's registration link when joining the brokerage (LEVEL 2] and so on).


Status of the multitier app. You are able to switch it on or off here, in case of an emergency or in the event that you would like to pause the Multitier.


Lists all the available securities, associated with the given MT4 manager account. You are able to control their visibility in the RULES section, by marking them Active or Inactive. Inactive securities will not appear in RULES (and trades coming from such a security will not be processed by the Multitier).