In case the application such as Quotes Ticker or any other that uses quotes data is not appearing it is likely due to to the fact that the Web Services access is not permitted on the trading server. 

All that needs to be done is the IP address o the server that requests the price feed needs to be listed in 'IP access list of web services' In the 'Common' settings of the MT4 Admin. See attached. 

Metaquotes Article: 

Other reasons may include: 

1. Server Firewall.
2. Unconventional port (443 by default).


Please, whitelist IP addresses here as well:

Where is web host's IP. Please note there is a limit on a number of characters in the list of IPs so it may be cutting it off.

If it still doesn't work please checkif Broker's Website IP is listed here in the Common:


Also, perhaps someone made a mistake trying to do this earlier and accidentally put in "Block" assented of "Always permit" since it's first in the list.

When we ran our tests we did not have to restart the server for changes to take affect. Click "Refresh" and it would start working.