The “Money Manager” expansion provides web-based functionalities for Money Managers and investors. The trader will still need a MAM plugin from his/her MT4 or technology provider, and the functionality is as follows: anyone can open a Money Manager Account.

The trader has to fill out the registration form by clicking “Open MAM Account”.

The applicant has to select a username

Next, set a password

 Then, fill in the terms 

“minimum deposit”

“manager fee”

“minimum withdrawal”

“minimum term of investment”. 

This form gets submitted to the broker for approval and once the Money Manager is approved and has placed a few trades, the Money Manager appears on the brokerage’s website, so that potential investors can click on the button “Compare and Invest” and be taken to the brokerage website page with a list of Money Managers.

As an example, the money manager can:

see the account age of the trader

consult his/her balance, drawdown, daily profit, and total profit

see his historical profit graph and see all the terms set by each Money Manager.