The List of Money Managers is published on your website. It is possibele that it was not put there due to inability to access your website CMS. In this case you will find it here

If there is more than one Money Manager, a potential investor can review this table with the associated figures and then review the trade history on the account. 

Then, when the trader wants to make an investment with this MAM:

he/she can click on the button “invest with this MAM”

be taken back to trader’s room

fill out the registration form

The investor account will then be opened and he/she will be able to engage with this selected Money Manager.

Once it is running; the investor will be able to review the investments made.
They will see:

who they are investing with

their MT4 number

the current balance on the account. 

Pressing the buttons on the right, at the end of the lines, they can engage, disengage, look over the history of transactions, and review the terms again.

=> The invest process in Trader Room:

1) investor submits the form Invest with a MAM

2) broker have to approve the investor account from his side

3) then Trader that have an investor account is going to Deposit button and deposits money on his investor account ;
   or to his trader account and then doing the transfer from trader account to investor account by Transfer function from Trader room;
   this deposited amount is the investment amount.

Please note that in the MAM plugin should be set that MAM and Investor groups are linked to each other.