There are two types of registrations to access the Trader’s Room:

by navigating to the “Open Live Account” page 

by navigating to “Open Demo Account”

The required fields vary depending on the setup. With the default setup, the system will send an email confirmation of this registration so that the trader email ownership is confirmed and then the login information is sent to the Trader.    

Demo accounts — an MT4 account without access to the backend (Trader’s Room) is created, in which case the trader can login to the demo trading server using MT4 for example and try his hand at trading. S/he will not have access to anything other than this basically. However, you as a broker will get the person’s email address as a Lead (in the CRM) and can follow-up on him, with perhaps a Live account.

Live accounts — same principle as for the demo in terms of connectivity to MT4 server, but this time round it’s "real" money and real trading. The person will also get access to the Trader’s Room whereby they can deposit, withdraw and otherwise keep track of their trading progress.

Trader’s Room also provides an open API interface to the Broker so that custom / dedicated pages can be created.